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McBain Community Library Advisory Board January 9, 2018 Present: Diane Eisenga, Donna Bronkema, Tracey VanHaitsma, Cindy Sieland and Sharon Noordhoek Absent: Mike Kubiak, Tammy Koetje and Steve Brimmer Public Participation: None Sharon opened the meeting. Minutes from the November 21, 2017 meeting were read and accepted. In Tammy's absence, Tracey took the minutes for the meeting. We discussed some minor changes to be made to the Library Bylaws. Diane took note of them and is making the board agreed upon changes. Diane reported that she was in the process of putting together the information for the State Aid Report that is due on February 1st. There are an average of 10 kids for story time every Tuesday. There was a nice write up in the Cadillac paper about it. Ellen VanderWal from the Farm Bureau and also a community member and parent of a child in story time, Genna Nelson, are involved in putting together the crafts to go with story time. Battle of the Books kicks off on Saturday, January 13th. It is again being done in cooperation with Lake City Library. There are 8 teams this year and it will consist of an Author Visit and Pizza dinner for participants and their families, a local practice battle, a local elimination battle, and a final battle in Houghton Lake. Diane has used funds from the Katherine Ux donation and it was discussed that we should maybe advertise it as sponsored by as such. RB Digital has been being used for approx 3 months. There has been 64 magazine check outs and 51 audiobook check outs since it has been put into use by our library. It was noted during the meeting that the Overdrive Digital content subscription is paid for through the TIFA board. NMCS elementary classes come to use the library and check out books every Tuesday. The next meeting has been set for March 13th at 4pm.

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